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Here at Kratom Canada, our top priority has always been (and will always be) offering the highest quality kratom at the best prices. We take pride in the quality and consistency of our kratom, which is why we have built a reputation as the top Canadian Kratom vendor in the online marketplace.

When you buy Kratom in Canada — or really anywhere in the world — it’s hard to tell whether or not the alkaloid percentages of your kratom strains will be high enough.

That is why we go to great lengths to not only ensure that we offer Kratom strains with the highest alkaloid percentages, but we also ensure that these percentages remain high all year round. It’s easy to find low quality kratom, but we pride ourselves on offering our customers the highest quality kratom every day of the year.

A Kratom Farming Method from the Top Canadian Seller


Any expert will tell you: the harvesting and selection process is vital to maintaining a high quality supply of kratom. In order to ensure that our Kratom is the highest quality in Canada, all of our Kratom is grown naturally. That means no plant growing lamps, no greenhouses tucked away in a random basement, and no artificial farming practices of any kind.

Yes, it’s more work for us to seek out this crop rather than quickly produce substandard Kratom on our own. But we know — and our customers know — that quality reigns supreme.

And in order to deliver Kratom that is both high quality and consistent, we only seek out the most mature crops and harvest them at the optimal time of the year.

3. Sustainable Farming Practices

Regardless of the crop you’re growing, sustainability is a difficult practice that is far too often overlooked. But at Kratom Canada, sustainable farming practices are taken very seriously. Most people hear the word “sustainable” and think it’s just about being environmental friendly and resourceful. But that’s only a small part of it.

Kratom-farmingSustainable farming practices also lead to a better product. Non-sustainable Kratom farmers will often rush through the growth process as quickly as possibly by using harmful chemicals and other artificial growth practices. They do this for two simple reasons: it’s easier, and they’ll make money faster.

But we like to turn this way of thinking on its head. By delivering the highest quality Kratom in Canada (and all around the world), we want our customers to come back time and time again. And in our mind, the best way to do this is to offer them kratom that’s better than anywhere else.

4. Drying Kratom

The importance of properly drying Kratom comes only in second to making sure the leaves are matured. Alkaloids are very delicate, and drying kratom is a process that needs to be done by an expert who understands this. At Kratom Canada, we train our own farmers to ensure that each kratom leaf is dried properly, and that the process is not rushed.

One example of how we train our farmers is by teaching them to only allow the drying process to be completed indoors. It is crucial to not dry kratom in sunlight. After hundreds of tests, we’ve found that kratom actually drys best when in a dim (or dark) climate-controlled environment.

Additionally, we’ve designed our own drying racks that allow the leaves to dry evenly. This process normally lasts two to three days before the grinding process begins.

5. Katon Alkaloids

The variety of strains found in the Mitragyna tree draw much interest and enthusiasm from scientific researchers all around the world. This particular tree has alkaloids all throughout the plant that are thought to potentially have strong significance to the medical community in the years ahead. The most notable strands include the following: 7-hydroxymitragynine, Mitragynine, Mitragynine Pseudoindoxyl, and Mitragynine.

6. Kratom Canada | Quality is our Priority

We believe any successful business needs to offer three things:

  • A quality product
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Knowledge staff

At Kratom Canada, we offer all three. Through our sustainable and ethical practices, we hope to earn your trust and become your preferred Canadian Kratom vendor. Far too often, we hear about businesses putting profits before people. We understand this frustration, and that is why we strive to be our best in everything we do.

In order to demonstrate our commitment to excellence, we guarantee each and every order. That means if you aren’t happy with our Kratom, just send it back, and we’ll issue you a full refund. That’s part of the Kratom Canada promise, and we hope you give us the chance to exceed your expectations!